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Alexander Ikonnikov

1987-1995 Study at the School of Music
1995-1999 Study in the College of Music
He graduated from music school, piano (7 years), followed by music college as a pop piano.
Parallel to this is engaged in vocational teacher variety show with singing, and at age 13, becoming the regional winner of the regional competition of young performers "Northern Star".

While studying at music college creates student jazz band, which is trying to sing jazzLater he was invited into the adult group, with whom he has successfully cooperated for several years, speaks at jazz festivals and various venues.
From 1999 to 2002, lives in Moscow, which also collaborates with young musicians, participates in various projects, working in restaurants vocalist.
Currently working as a solo performer on corporative party, concerts, clubs, restaurants, etc.
His repertoire includes: English (as well as songs in Spanish, Italian) program consisting of world well-known hits, which depends on the nature of the celebration, from a quiet background music to the hits "-winding" the entire hall.
There is a program consisting of jazz compositions.

2002-2010 Participation in Yaroslavl, Vologda, Arkhangelsk jazz festivals, working with ensembles Elena Safonova, Igor Gorkavyy, Valentine Zelenova, «Night jazzy».

Working in clubs: M33, Iskra, Modern, Pelican, Gee, Disengage, Egoist,
Employment in restaurants: Italian courtyard, Uno Momento, Bobrov, Onega, Amadeus, Tavern on the Cathedral, the Old Arkhangelsk, Royal hunt, Solombala, Swallow, etc.