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Nina Vorova
Height 165 cm

- Studio of modern dancing “A-style”, “Vis-à-vis” (competition staff and stage performances).
- Private Pj-studio “Extreme dance” .
- Show-ballet “Nonsense”.
- Dancing studio “Space Hook”.

Experience 6 years of trainer’s work in fitness centre “Valena” with teenager groups (dancing styles: Hip-Hop, R&B, Go-Go) and adult groups (different modern dancing styles)

2 years of trainer’s work in the centre of modern dance “Choreography Studio” with teenager groups (Street style) and adult groups (jazz-modern style)

2 year of trainer’s work in fitness centre “Thermes” as the personal trainer of group program.

4 month – Mazitou Company Studios, LBS, Lebanon

Gained valuable experience of participating in numerous championships in modern dancing in Ukraine, in fitness conventions and seminars.
Experience of stage performances and advertising clips as member of show-ballet “Nonsense”.
Participating as a member of show-ballet group in clips of pop-group ”Shao-Bao”.

Excellent experience and skills in following dancing styles: Hip-Hop, techno, Go-Go, R&B, cramping, electric boogie, Break, stripe choreography, jazz-modern, club house improvisation.